Waste to wonder

By its very nature, fashion promotes perpetual innovation and change. However, the journey towards a sustainable fashion future remains unaccomplished to this day.

At  Geethika Kanumilli, we believe in carving a niche by utilising our remains and transforming them to valuable resources.

Accumulating all the embroidered fabric bits from the constructed garments in our design house, we’ve converted our #WasteToWonder by creating beautiful patchwork blouses, bodices for tiered dresses. These so-called “leftovers” are intricately embroidered patches, detailed with glass beads, zardozi, sequins and immaculate thread-work that weave a beautiful and unique story when juxtaposed together.

We choose to move towards a greater future, and our creations are a reflection of this choice.

A friendly reminder that: Nothing is really “waste” unless you “choose” to waste it.
So, let’s choose better!