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The Following Demonstrates Terms And Conditions Of Use (Here-In-After Referred To As An “Agreement”), Applicable To Your Use Of geethikakanumilli.com (Hereinafter Referred To As “Web Site”), Which Provides fashion dresses, It Is An Agreement Between You As The User(S) Of The Web Site (The “User(S)”) And Geethika Kanumilli design studio. (Here-in-after Referred To As GEETHIKA) Before You Subscribe To And/Or Begin Participating In Or Using Web Site, Geethika Kanumilli Design Studio. Believes That User(S) Have Fully Read, Understood And Accept The Agreement.

If You Do Not Agree To Or Wish To Be Bound By Agreement, You May Not Access Or Otherwise Use The Web Site.

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User(S) Eligibility

User(S) Means Any Individual Or Business Entity /Organization That Legally Operates In India Or In Other Countries, Uses And Has The Right To Use The Services Provided By GEETHIKA KANUMILLI Through The Website.

GEETHIKA KANUMILLI Advises Its Users While Accessing The Web Site, They Must Follow / Abide By The Related Laws. GEETHIKA KANUMILLI Is Not Responsible Any Consequences Caused By Your Behavior During Use Of Web Site. GEETHIKA KANUMILLI May, In Its Sole Discretion, Refuse The Service To Anyone At Any Time. The Service Is Not Available To Temporarily / Blocked Or Indefinitely Suspended Members Of Web Site.

Web Site Acts As A Platform For Fashion Designer Dresses and Accessories.

User's Agreement

This Agreement Applies To User(S) If User(S) Are Visitors, Registered – Free Or Paid User(S) Who Access The Web Site For Any Purpose. It Also Applies To Any Legal Entity Which May Be Represented By You Under Actual Or Apparent Authority. User(S) May Use This Site Solely For Their Own Personal Or Internal Purposes.

Intellectual Property Right

GEETHIKA KANUMILLI is the Sole Owner Or Lawful Licensee Of All The Rights To The Web Site And Its Content. Web Site Content Means Its Design, Layout, Text, Images, Graphics, Sound, Video Etc. The Web Site Content Embodies Trade Secrets And Intellectual Property Rights Protected Under Worldwide Copyright And Other Laws. All Title, Ownership And Intellectual Property Rights In The Web Site And Its Content Shall Remain With GEETHIKA KANUMILLI.

Governing Law And Dispute Resolutions

Terms And Condition Of Use Agreement And/ Or Agreement, Privacy Policy Shall Be Governed In All Respect By The Laws Of Indian Territory. GEETHIKA KANUMILLI Considers Itself And Intended To Be Subject To The Jurisdiction Only Of The Courts Of Hyderabad, India