La Dolcé vita

As the world witnessed the gradual transformation of an epidemic into a pandemic, I found myself sitting safely within the confines of my home—grateful yet hesitant to embrace the “new normal” of 2020.

In my search for a glimmer of hope amidst the prevailing darkness, I stumbled upon the concept of “La Dolce Vita.” It was during a binge-watch session of the 2015 biopic about the renowned Austrian princess turned French Queen, Marie Antoinette.

Marie Antoinette, known for her eccentricity and revolutionary sense of style, deeply inspired me to create a collection that captured the essence of her splendid and carefree way of life. Thus, “La Dolce Vita,” my spring/summer line of bridal wear, was born—an amalgamation of French haute couture magnificence infused with Indian sensibilities.

Drawing from my profound admiration for the opulent Palace of Versailles, this collection bursts forth with delicate floral motifs in a palette of subdued pastels, set against whimsical decor that reignites my love for the post-Baroque era.

From the textures of vintage sun-kissed drapes cascading in ruffles to the layers of sumptuous organza adorning dramatic bishop sleeves, La Dolce Vita celebrates Queen Marie Antoinette’s legacy and her exquisite taste, both in fashion and interior design.

This bridal collection tells the enchanting story of the magnificent and extravagant lives of French royalty, mirroring the ambiance of the rustic hamlet where the Queen spent her days entertaining her sisterhood.

Featuring iridescent beaded blouses with alluring tulip sleeves and luxurious fabrics adorned with sequinned scallop hems, La Dolce Vita draws inspiration from the ethereal beauty of Versailles and the iconic costumes that revolutionized couture worldwide during Marie Antoinette’s reign.

From daring plunging necklines to elegant flares, this collection showcases silhouettes that embody a luxurious lifestyle, catering to my ideal muse—the neo-modern bride with a discerning sense of fashion.

La Dolce Vita epitomizes every bride’s cherished fairy-tale, making dreams come true in the most enchanting way possible.